Ardiri Announces a Pinot noir from Two States - 6/24/2011

John and Gail, winemakers at Ardiri Winery, were discussing the benefits and some issues of having two vineyards, in two different states. Besides the obvious travel back and forth between Napa and Portland, there were other issues that sprang up.
"We've got the same clone, the same genetic vines, from two different environments that are being bottled up in Cornelius, OR. Why not blend the wine to create a dual-state wine? And thus the new wine"Due Stati" (Italian for two states) was born. It’s a blend of both Oregon and Napa wine, in one bottle!
How was the blend determined?  The Ardiri Wine Club members were able to be a part of a special event held at the winery - a double blind wine tasting of 5 different percentages. Neither the pourer nor taster knew what concentration they were pouring. And the winning blend after much tasting and deliberation?? California 70%/ Oregon 30%.
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