Our History

The vines of Árdíri Winery vineyards originate from the same vines found in Burgandy France, one of the oldest wine growing regions in the world. Historically known to supply wine to the Roman legions of Julius Caesar, these unique vines result in remarkable red, white and rosé wines.

Árdíri’s Winery winemakers personally tend to these unique vines, planted in the rare Burgundian meter-by-meter spacing. Dedicated to making the finest Pinot noir and white wine blends, Árdíri’s winemakers produce wines from both the Chehalem Mountains appellation of Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the Carneros appellation of California’s Napa Valley. Árdíri also offers a one of a kind blend of Pinot noirs from each region.

What does “Árdíri” mean?

Árdíri is Sicilian for “taking a risk” and can also mean “being consumed by fire”. Árdíri thus defines our concerted efforts to personally nurture vineyards in the Willamette Valley and Napa Valley. Both vineyards’ unique Pinot noir clones have generated a traditional harvest of quality fruit that have been blended in French oak to form a striking and complex vintage especially complementary to meals. We hope you enjoy this elegant wine and its special meaning for us. Buon Appetito!!!

ardiri winery mountain view